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 FC Carolinas' U11U - U19 travel program is designed to foster and develop the technical, physical, mental and emotional growth of young players where they may express themselves on the field without consequence. The coaching staff focusses on developing the “person” as well as the “player”,  while remaining committed to improving the technical, tactical and functional side of the game for each individual. Emphasis is placed on individual improvement within a team structure. Training is conducted in both large group (full team), small group, and individual sessions. 

Players are registered in USSF through U
S Club Soccer..

What the program offers:


  • Training 3 days a week with professional coaches
  • Focus on individual player development including functional small group and individual training
  • Lower staff to player ratio for more efficient player training
  • 15-20 games per season,  primarily on weekends
  • 5-7 Tournaments for Full Year Teams and 3-6 for Half Year Teams

Program Details:

Our travel teams are coached by our professional coaching staff, train 3 times a week, and competes in 15-20 games including 3 - 6 tournaments throughout EACH season (Fall & Spring).  Our 11U-14U teams participate in both Fall and Spring seasons, high school age teams (15U-19U) participate only the designated off-season for NC public high schools – Girls play club in the Fall (August - December) and Boys play club in the Spring (January - May). Players are encouraged to attend pre-season and off-season camps offered by FCC.

FCC strives to train our players within a lower staff to player ratio structure.  By exposing players to both their head coach in large group sessions, and functional specific coaches and directors in supplemental sessions, players can learn more efficiently and experience improved development. We feel that this overall structure gives the players a better, more functional training environment, broader exposure to different/better training, and top competition to measure development; while still allowing a number of "free" weekends for players to spend time and vacation with family.

FCC is dedicated to providing professional coaching, top competition, and elite facilities; and we will provide this at a significant cost reduction to any comparable level club.

* Most cases there will only be 2-3 tournaments per season that potentially require overnight hotel stays.

Team Formation:

All players interested in playing in our Travel program must attend our annual Spring try-outs. During tryouts, players are evaluated on the field by the Technical Coaching Staff over the course of several days. Using the results of these tryouts, our coaching staff will forms level appropriate teams across all age groups. Players and families are made aware of the team's planned playing level, coach assignment, game schedule and travel/tournament expectations prior to player commitment. Tryouts are open to any and all players that wish to be a part of the Travel Program, however placement is not guaranteed. Once the player accepts his position on a team, he/she is committed to FCC and that team for the entire playing year (August - May). Players must register
online prior to tryouts. Registration opens in early spring.

 For the 2021/22 Playing Year:  Birth Years 2011 (11U) – 2003 (19U)


Email: [email protected]

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