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Welcome to FC Carolinas!

 Have you ever been frustrated with youth club soccer in America?
Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to administer and coach youth club soccer?

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of FC Carolinas. FC Carolinas (FCC) is a new club committed to player development and focused on putting the players first. We strive to offer the highest quality coaching, modern privately owned facilities, and couple them with an innovative training program derived from a collaboration of multiple international development models. By leveraging the strengths of our patron support, and controlling our own private soccer facility, we are able to do this all for less money than youth clubs offering far less services. Simply put, we give our players and parents more for less.

FCC's coaching staff is comprised of top-level, licensed coaches with a passion for both teaching soccer, and cultivating a love for the game. The staff is led by  Jorge Herrera whose understanding of the game is only surpassed by his passion and commitment to serve kids.

Jorge Herrera brings an extensive knowledge of the South American development model from his youth and professional playing days in Colombia with FC Millionarios and Santa Fe. Additionally, Jorge has extensive experience in the US System with the Charlotte Eagles and Charlotte Independence. As a coach, Jorge has worked with all age levels, from youth club soccer up through NC high school coaching and holds an Advanced National Diploma in coaching.

Jorge and FCC's Directors have put together a tremendous staff and training methodology, and bring an unmatched commitment level to our youth.

  The facilities FCC is able to provide to our players is also unmatched. We play and practice at our new  FC Carolinas Soccerplex. The new exclusive and privately owned Soccerplex in Waxhaw has 3 full NCAA sized fields; 1 artificial turf, and 2 top of the line modified soil grass fields.  Each field has full irrigation, extensive drainage systems, and full 50 lumen lighting systems, in addition to being supplied with the best training equipment for our players and coaches. 

At FCC we are trying to reinvent how the youth soccer club works in the United States. We will attempt to provide the very best training experience, on the very best facilities, and do it at a price that is far less than any comparable club in the area. Simply put, we will give more for less. While we cannot completely change the US "pay to play" model overnight, we can honor our status as a 501(c) charity. We will give our players and parents more value for the investment they make in their child's future, and provide the best environment and support structure for our kids development as both players and community citizens.