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Junior Development Program

Online Registration is now OPEN for the Fall '19 Season!

·       11 Week Fall Program running from September 9th  – November  11th 

·       1-hour sessions 2X per week (Monday/Thursday 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm)

·       30 min technical training & 30 min of small sided scrimmages, no set teams

·       Sessions at FCC's training facility

·       7U & 8U Coed Boys and Girls
        (Birth years 2012 – 2013)

·       Led by Jorge Herrera 

·       Designed for FUN!

   Cultivating a love of the game while developing technical ability

The FCC Junior Development Program (JDP) is a seasonal training program for 7U & 8U players that have the ability and desire to improve their game and might be interested in our Travel Program at 9U.

The JDP is staffed by directors and coaches who will provide high-level training to players that demonstrate a passion for the game and a commitment to further developing skills through concentrated instruction.  

The JDP will help bridge the gap between recreational soccer and competitive soccer by emphasizing individual, skills-based training and small-sided scrimmages designed to provide an inspiring, fun environment that fosters confidence, creativity and composure.

JDP is a seasonal program running both in the fall and spring (with separate registration for each season).

layers will be introduced to the technical components of the game – all while playing loads of training games.  The ability to run with the ball (dribbling), the ability to move the ball to a teammate (passing), softly controlling a ball that arrives at a player’s feet (receiving) and hitting the ball with power (shooting) – these are all technical components we will be addressing in the first half of each training session.  The second part of each session (30 minutes) will be devoted to game play.  We understand that kids are primarily interested in three things when coming out to play soccer:

1.     Having fun

2.     Playing small-sided games

3.     Scoring goals

Players entering the Junior Development Program will participate in a format that is both fun and better suited to their development.  The small-sided games approach (4v4) is the best way to introduce the game to young players.


Advantages to Small Sided Games

·       Increases the number of touches on the ball

·       Requires players to both attack and defend

·       Improves fitness levels due to lively and dynamic tempo

·       Provides realistic challenges, limited number of players in restricted space

·       The game itself improves soccer techniques so players can improve and enjoy the game

·       Develops individual skill; increases frequency of 1v1 match-ups

·       A high number of goals are scored which makes the game fun for players

·       Rules are simplified, emphasizes imaginative play and promotes growth and appreciation for the game of soccer

Any 2012 or 2013 birth year player is welcome to register. 


Fees:  $175 (includes training shirt)



Email: [email protected]

Registration Listing

2019 Fall JDP Program

FCC's Junior Development Program (JDP) is open to 7U & 8U (birth year 2012 and 2013) boys and girls.  The sessions will be on Mondays & Thursdays for 1 hour each. Sessions are directed by Jorge Herrera and Jake Harrison.

All sessions are offered at our own multi-field training facility located at 8177 Old Waxhaw Monroe Rd. Waxhaw, NC.

The fall season will run 11 weeks from September 9th - November 11th.

2019 Fall JDP (7U & 8U)

Registration closes on 11/01/2019 at 11:30 PM
Season Dates: 09/07/2019 to 11/11/2019