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 The HPP will be led by Juan “Choco” Villegas.  Coach Choco will design and implement sessions along with other highly qualified FCC coaching staff members.  This program is for players looking for a FUN and CHALLENGING environment where players always have the opportunity to LEARN and reach their full POTENTIAL!

 The High Performance Program sessions are all personally designed based on each players
Individual Development Plan


Functional and Position Specific

Decision Making Activities and Actions
Speed, Agility, and Strength

Focus, Concentration, and Work Ethic

Attention to detail is the key to development  - Each session is personalized to the individual players needs and their development plan.

We believe that the ball is the most important thing on the field and whoever controls the ball controls the game. Through this program players will develop technical comfort, established disciplined player habits, understand key principles within their position, and develop and understand more specific tactical ideas to implement in games.  When we bring all this together comfort, habits, principles and tactical ideas it allows our players to play with freedom and creativity to dominate the ball and ultimately the game.


Player Session Example: 13 yr old CB  - Focus Attacking Principles

Individual Session - Work on receiving the ball and speed of play with first touch and playing ball between lines, work on the physical aspect of footwork.  Centralized coaching concentration on technical, mental, and physical execution.

Small Group Session - Work with CB partner on supporting angles and receiving the ball across body to play forward and break lines, smaller numbers and more reps in game like actions.

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